About Second Earth Inc

About Us

Our company is focused on building resource
efficiency by providing various sustainable solutions.
WRAP is a physical water treatment solution
for cooling towers proven again and again to
assist facility managers by improving the efficiency
of existing water cooled HVAC equipment.
WRAP accomplishes these goals by providing
the absolute best known asset protection available
today and by extending the asset life of currently
commissioned mechanical assets. The Second Earth
WRAP system will significantly reduce the amount
of make up water needed for your cooling towers.

With reduction of water and elimination of chemicals,
the Second Earth WRAP system
delivers reliability, responsibility and a quick return on investment.

Increased Asset Life
With the WRAP system installed, further
equipment corrosion is stopped immediately.
As the system operates, existing scale and
corrosion is removed and over time reverses
much of the previous damage caused by the use
of chemicals. With scale reduction your pumps and
motors will run more efficiently, and there
will be a significant reduction in equipment
downtime for maintenance and repair.
Elimination of Chemicals
With the WRAP system installed, toxic
chemicals are completely removed from the
work environment. Chemicals are no longer
discharged into sewers and drains, and the
labor costs associated with constant calibration
and adjustments to maintain water balance is
eliminated. No more chemical handling and
storage regulations, OSHA training requirements,
or liability premiums for toxic chemicals on site.
LEED accreditation points are available.
Significant Energy Savings
With the WRAP system installed, your electrical
expense will be reduced along with your carbon
footprint. LEED accreditation points are available.
Significant Water Savings
With the WRAP system installed, your cycles of
concentration will increase which will decrease
your annual water costs (purchase and disposal).
Previously "bleed" accounted for a loss of 30% of
makeup water as it was purged from the system.
With WRAP nearly 100% of the bleed water
is cleaned and returned to the system. LEED
accreditation points are available.
Monitoring 24/7
With the WRAP system installed, you can
experience worry free system operation
and efficiency.